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Broadcasting in video chat technology
For the last few years our company has been developing the software for real time on-line conferences. We tried to adopt different technologies, and today we can offer the most effective video and audio transfer method.

Main problem of the video broadcasting technology is the Internet limitation of the situation when several members can see the single camera image. If using the peer-2-peer connection, each client who connects the camera will take away a part of the computer-with-camera's Internet channel. This will be unacceptable. For solving the problem we use the transfer of the central server video signal re-transfer. Thus, the video stream of the broadcasting computer goes to the server first, and then it is spread to the other connected clients.

We use two ways for video transferring implementation:
  1. Encoding video with the Flash technology using. It is used as the most progressive and up-to-date system nowadays, which allows decreasing the duty cycle of the central processor both of the broadcasting computer and the client's PC. Moreover, we should mention that the quality of the video compression stays high.
  2. Using Java technology for transferring and decoding the signal for the client. It can be out-of-date method, however it can gives rather good results in case of each frame of the video stream importance, while the number of the frame per second stays low.

Speaking about program technologies, we use the following:
  1. Red5 server for video and audio stream broadcasting
  2. Flash client for encoding video, audio and text chat
  3. Flash client for watching video, audio and text chat
  4. JSP templates for web applications
  5. MySQL database for keeping it

WebVideo system was tested in real-life environment and was given huge loadings. The specialists of our company did their best for the code optimization. The caching files system was used; database requests were optimized; critical requests were put into the separate tables. Therewith, you can find out that files caching is on the level of program objects of the system. We can assert that in the market our product is the most reliable, fully-functional and fast.