H264 live video


Encoding with h264 video codec provides very good quality of video at substantially low bandwidth usage. The same time encoding with h264 is supported by Flash Player and is it possible to broadcast video directly from any web browser which supports Flash Player. Flash player is multi-platform and supports iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Quality of video is our top priority and our goal to provide best quality video for online conferencing

H.264 takes pretty much CPU usage and those models who broadcast to multiple website should make sure her computer has powerful processor and encoder requires to have better computer configuration:

  • Multi-core processor
  • High speed and stable Internet connection (at least 1Mbps upload speed)
  • High quality webcam or mini-DV cam with camcorder will give the best results
  • Pay attention to the light of the room, usually the more light is better because webcam can easily capture video frames – better light saves Internet bandwidth

Bandwidth usage would be automatically adjusted based on the Internet speed of chat host and client, but fast and stable Internet would always give better result.