Model exchange with video chat network

Hard to get models or traffic? Join ModelNet video chat network

ModelNet video chat networkEvery person who had already tried to start his own webcam site understands the key problem of starting it up: while you don’t have models you could not send traffic and your models would not stay online without traffic. Such closed cycle is hard to break. Cam site beginners usually have an option to get 3-5 online performers but it is not enough to run business and you have to get more to make website looking interesting for customers.

What a good idea to merge models working on video chat websites based on WebVideo into a video chat network. Such network would have following benefits:

  1. Models would like to broadcast into multiple websites at the same time in order to increase income but the same time they are getting problems because of high CPU usage for encoding, high Internet bandwidth usage and in it is not really easy to keep communicating with user in multiple chat windows
  2. When new webcam site is created his owner facing first problem – where to get models? This problem is hard to solve because models don’t want to work on website where no visitors and users don’t want to stay on the website where they can’t find models. This vicious circle is hard to break and it stops further marketing.
  3. If we overview successful video chat website startups we can realize most of them have about 10 models online on average. This is good enough for the beginning, customer could stay on the website and use it but other big players of adult market with hundreds of models offers more choice for customers and ` in this means

If we find a way to merge models from different websites into one video chat network and allow each user of than network to publish models on his own website we would be able to create big webcam site for every website owner!

And we have developed innovative system of merging models into common network and the same time we keep each webcam site personalized because:


  1. Each video chat website owner has his own database of models which he can extend independently from ModelNet
  2. Clients registered in his website also stored in the database along with account balance, option to add and spend funds and accounting.
  3. Owner of webcam site could decide on his own which models should be provided into ModelNet and which should be published on his website from ModelNet.
  4. He can also use ModelNet only for the beginning and later on avoid using it to work independently. Or use ModelNet only for providing models into the network. But honestly saying it does not make sense to me.

How it works? It is pretty each easy to setup, there are 2 types of websites in ModelNet:

  • Provider – such website provides models for ModelNet and receives additional profit from those models.
  • Consumer – publish models from ModelNet into his own website and also receives income from sales made with those models. What is important, your clients would never leave your website, they would not be registered in another website, they would not receive advertising or spam messages from them and if they pay for your models they would make more profit because of higher commission you could set for your own models.

Very important benefits of ModelNet

1) each website could be Provider and Consumer at the same time

2) this is not co-branding or whitelabel at any point. You keep everything on your own website and exchange only models to improve quality of your website and increase profit.

Financial workflow:

  1. Each Consumer should make guarantee deposit in a minimum amount of $100 minimum however I would recommend to consider at least $500, you would see why after reading full scheme. This deposit would be used to pay Provider of models for paid chat and tips and Consumer receives payments directly from customer. That’s why we need Deposit, based on it we can guarantee payment to provider. Consumer would  be charged 80% of transaction price (deducted from deposit amount) and remaining 20% is his profit. Consumer do not pay any other fees, payments are based only on the actual transactions.
  2. Provider also do not pay fee and the same time don’t need to make deposit because he is providing models and receives payments for private chats made by them. Provider receives 70% of transactions amount for Paid chat and tips. This payment is made directly to bank account of Provider.
  3. Payment between Provider and Consumer are made using our company and we guarantee correct payments between all parties of video chat network.

See example below for better understanding::

  • Provider adds a model Jessica into ModelNet
  • MOdel has a price of $5/min and if she had a private chat for 10 minute customer have spent $50 for it.
  • Actually consumer received $50 from customer but should pay $40 (80% of chat price). This payment is deducted from guarantee deposit.
  • Provider would receive $35 for this chat (70% of $50) as payment to bank account.

Payment are made on a weekly basis.

Consumer can choose websites and categories of those websites to publish in his video chat system

Provider can choose categories of performers to make available in the network

ModelNet is available in beta-testing since April 1st, 2015 and official release is planned for May 1st 2015.