Choosing the right technology for video streaming is one of the most important steps in making a video chat website. WebVideo offers video streaming technology based on WebRTC which is the easiest option to broadcast video directly from desktop or mobile browser.

Live video streaming technology we use have the following advantages:

  • Minimum latency live streaming
  • Automatically adjustable video/audio compression to fit the Internet bandwidth of different users connected to a Conference
  • 2 way video calls even from mobile phones

Moreover, if there are more than two clients connected into a conference room, video should be transferred through the central server. Otherwise, every person will share the part of performer bandwidth between all the people connected into video host. As a result, video transfer speed for each person will be slow.

Other important features specific for web conferencing:

  • Lightweight video chat client
  • Architecture allowing to skin video chat client for both chat host and person who watches the video
  • Video chat and broadcasting applications are embedded into a browser
  • Multi-platform support. Opportunity to use webcam video chat on Windows, Linux and Max OS, as well as iOS or Android.