High-quality video streaming 

Choosing the right technology for live video streaming is one of the most important requirements of a webcam site. Quality of video is our top priority, that is why WebVideo uses video streaming technology based on WebRTC, which makes it possible to broadcast video directly from desktop or mobile browser. WebRTC technology transmits live video with minimum latency, providing our customers with the best video conferencing experience. 

H.264 advanced video coding 

WebRTC requires a video codec for recording, compression, and distribution of live video content. There are several video codecs supported by WebRTC, and H.264 is the most popular one. H.264 or Advanced Video Codec is a modern video compression algorithm commonly used for live video streaming. Moreover, encoding video with H.264 provides a high quality video streaming at substantially low bandwidth usage.

Taking advantage of today’s high-speed chips, H.264 delivers a high quality with a frame size up to four times greater than MPEG-4. Also, it can provide MPEG-2 quality at a reduced data rate, requiring as little as one third the original bandwidths. In other words, you can enjoy high-quality live video  at very low data rates without sacrificing speed or performance. 

Desktop & mobile friendly

If you want your website to get the most coverage on as many browsers as possible, then H.264 is definitely the right way to go. H.264 is supported by any desktop and mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad. In addition, it is used in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other main desktop, android and iOS browsers. 

High-quality streaming requirements 

H.264 takes pretty much CPU usage, that is why models who broadcast to multiple websites should make sure their computer has a powerful processor. Here are some requirements for a high and stable streaming quality:

  1. Multi-core processor
  2. High speed and stable Internet connection (at least 1Mbps upload speed)
  3. High quality webcam or mini-DV cam with camcorder
  4. Good light in the room, usually the more light is better because webcam can easily capture video frames – a better light saves Internet bandwidth

Above all, H.264 makes it possible to automatically adjust the bandwidth usage according to the Internet speed of model and customer. However, the fast and stable Internet will always give a better result.

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