Scheduled Events

Scheduled Events Addon allows your performers to create special events for customers with a prepaid entrance. It means that customers won’t be charged during the event, but they have to buy an entrance ticket in advance.


Prepaid Appointments

Appointments Addon allows customers to book one-to-one meetings with performers in the available date and time and choose the duration. The key function is prepayment, which reduces the chance of cancellation.



With Fan Clubs Addon you can give your models the opportunity to expand their experience with favourite customers and fans. Models can share their premium photo, exclusive video and private shows only with their fans and even create very special items in their personal store and sell them to fans.


Selling Performer’s media files

Performers can upload their photo and video into the gallery and sell them to customers. With basic Webvideo settings, these media files are open for everyone. However, with this addon models can set their own prices for access to these files. All paid media will appear in “Private photo/video” section.


Premium Snapchat

Snapchat addon helps models to interact with their fans in a popular social media app. Models can charge customers with a monthly fee for access to their private content in Snapchat. Customers will be able to get exclusive photo and video content from models directly to their Snapchat account.


Lovense Lush toy integration

Lovense Lush toy integration addon allows models to make their show more interactive and unique. Models can connect Lovense Lush toy to their performance and set up special commands to make the toy react to customers’ tips. Let your customers experience a new way to enjoy your livestreams!


Premium Template

Premium template addon provides a custom development of a modern user-friendly website template according to the needs of the client. The template can be embedded into an existing site without losing functionality and the existing database of Performers and Customers.


Desktop sharing

With this addon Performers can share their full desktop or a specific application. Desktop sharing addon is useful primarily for experts, teachers and coaches who will be able to demonstrate the stages of work in real time. After successful demonstration you always can save the broadcasting in your profile for sale.


Mobile broadcasting integration

Mobile broadcasting addon allows your performers to broadcast live video to your website and have paid chats with customers directly with a familiar user-friendly interface of mobile application (Camazee).


Google 2-step Verification

Google authenticator is a tool which lets Performer and Customer protect themselves from unauthorized attempts to access their accounts. To log in, you can use a unique one-time code that can be received by SMS.


Video converter

Video converter addon allows Performers to upload their videos to the “Public Video ” section in any format and convert the video to the most common MP4-format that can be played in any browser or device.


HTML Widget for performers

This addon allows Performers to broadcast their chat to other websites. The system generates code that can be easily integrated into a third-party website, such as a performer’s personal blog.


Add to mobile home screen

The Add to Home Screen Addon lets users feature the icon of your website to the home screen of their iOS or Android mobile devices or desktop for a quick and easy access to the platform.


VOIP Phone communication

This addon provides communication with per-minute billing using Webvideo credits. Customer can call the Performer using a phone number, our system will check the balance of his account and then credits will be billed from the balance.


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