Available Templates

Buying our Webvideo cam chat software, you will immediately get 4 FREE available templates. The templates are different in design and structure.

Most importantly, the templates are fully developed and prepared for work. Therefore, you can just choose one that suits you more after you setup the platform!

Check our our Demo to have a look at the available design templates and choose the one that is suitable for you.

The Flat Template is a great choice for camming websites as it has a finely balanced structure with captivating design. This template is available in 4 different colors.

available templates webcam site

The Slim Template is an ideal solution for webcam models website with the simple user-friendly minimalist design which makes accent on models themselves. This template is available in 6 different colors.

The Chat Template has a neat design in soft light colors. This template is pleasant to look at so the viewers won’t want to let it wander out of their sight.

The Expert Template is suitable for non-adult websites that are made for webcam consultations with experts of different spheres such as psychics, esoterics, teacher, doctors and so on. It has more formal design and structure.

available templates cam chat software

Customizing the Templates

The available templates are flexible and fully customizable. Thus, once you have selected the template to use on your website, you can easily make changes to its content and edit design. Hence, you can change the text, choose different colors, set a unique title and upload your own logo.

What is more, just like changing the design, you can also add new features to your website. In other words, you can extend, adapt and modify the functions to your needs.

Create Your Own

Finally, if you feel like creating something new, you have an absolute freedom to do it. It means that we can build your own special graphic design layout according to your wish. We will bring to life all your creative ideas! Your developers can also make changes to the templates and even create their own.

available templates webcam site

We are always working on making our templates even more functional and user-friedly. Contact us to discuss your layout and design ideas. 

P.S. More templates are coming!