Useful webcam modeling tips

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Webcam modeling tips

We don’t run our own webcam studio nor working as a webcam model, but we see many live feeds of camgirl practice every day and I would be happy to share some webcam modeling tips for beginners:

Make sure your home or studio environment is looking nice. You can see in webcam preview screen what can see your visitors and you have to make sure there is no dirt, no mess of a dress, no garbage around. If you want to show some of your wardrobes – make sure it is looking nice, clean and sexy.

Remember you are selling your body and it is very important to keep your body in a top quality. You must have a great mockup, hairs, nails and don’t forget about the most important part of a camgirl. Don’t try to come online when you are not ready or take mockup while customers are there.

Always keep smiling and be positive even when some rude customers come in. Keep in mind if you argue with one client your conflict is visible to others and this is not something they want to see. If you think one person of your chat is bad just kick him our or ban and stay happy. Never be rude, people prefer to stay with happy people as well. You are doing webcam modeling to tease visitors and to let them start paying you tips or use paid chat option.

Lightning of your room is very important by few reasons:

  • You have spent time to make your room and yourself looking good and once it is done you have to show it as good as possible
  • A software which takes video from your webcam requires a light. It is very important to keep bright light in a room to keep a speed of video fast and smooth. If your room is dark your camera device would spend more time to take each frame of video, your FPS (frame per second) rate would get down and quality of video would be bad.
  • Colors of your room and yourself would be more natural with good lighting
  • Bright light makes colors smooth and dark color make them “noisy”. Video encoding of smooth colors is faster and takes less Internet bandwidth

Once you get online with a webcam pay attention to your video quality in a software you use. Make sure there is no flickering. Very often your room lamps could have different frequency and if you see flickering try to switch between 50Hz and 60Hz frequency. Check from customer end and see if your video is good enough and pay attention to your customers feedback.

Remember to find something to attract customers while you do webcam modeling, find something interesting to talk about and don’t forget to make a memorable show and your clients would return again and again.