free webcam site traffic with WebvideoHow to Drive Free Traffic to Your Webcam Site?

Attracting traffic is the key action you need to do to get high income from your webcam site. We have defined 15 most effective ways of driving free traffic to your webcam site that you can use right from the first day of launching your business. Following these strategies you can drive most of your adult traffic organically without spending too much on marketing.

1. SEO

Good SEO optimization will help you drive a significant amount of steady traffic flow to your website. First, define and write primary keywords in the titles on your site, add relevant tags to each photo and video content piece you post. Secondly, write suitable descriptions which contain the usage of high-volume keywords and include keywords in Meta tags, ALT text, and Image names.

2. Backlinks

Backlinks will improve your search engine ranking in the long run. To get more links you can do link exchange with other websites in the same niche. However, make sure links you are getting are of high quality. It is better to focus on getting quality links instead of too many links from irrelevant sites. A single high quality link could worth hundreds of low quality links. You can consider using such sources for backlinks as where you will always know if someone has your backlink active or not. 

3. Blogging

The more text content related to your industry is published the better visibility you will have in search engines. It is also good for Google to update the content frequently. Moreover, if you have a thematic blog that contains well written articles and informative reviews that are related to your webcam site content, you can get good backlinks by submissions to websites that accept unpaid submissions from authors such as and

4. Social Media

Social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Snapchat and others are a great source of free traffic. However, keep in mind that some networks do not allow any NSFW content. Nevertheless, you can still use them to build your brand identity and gain awareness through the regular update of relevant content which conforms to the site’s rules. Yet Twitter and Reddit allow adult content and it is possible to share your images, gifs, video clips along with your site links and popular hashtags for a higher reach. Remember to check how popular cam models use social media platforms to promote their services.

5. Online Forums

Creating posts on online forums provides a good source of long term traffic. It is better to post informative content which is relevant to the topic and somehow brings value to the readers. What is more, you can write comments on other users’ posts and insert your links. However, do not just copy and paste your site links without any meaningful context. The most popular adult forums are JdForum, Xnxx, ForumOphilia and Freeones.

6. Tube Sites

By uploading your video and photo content to popular adult tube sites you get high quality targeted traffic to your webcam chat site. You can upload your content with the help of advertising networks and traffic services such as Traffic Junky, Juicyads, and ExoClick. Make sure to add watermarks with your URL, logo or model name to all pictures and videos you upload. What is more, it is better to use teasing videos without nudity, so as to make users feel excited to watch more. 

7. Special Events

Attending special events will help you boost your audience and build your brand. There are many annual events such as Webcam Training Forum or Xbiz Awards which are sponsored by the industry influencers and leaders, where you can meet models, studio owners, producers etc. Try to advertise your website at different conferences connected with your niche. It would work pretty well to build trust, get media coverage, improve affiliate marketing and user acquisition.

8. Image Sites

Publishing professional photos on popular image websites is a good way of promotion. Do not forget to mark your content with the brand sign, so users would know where to search for more. If the audience loves your pictures, they are likely to visit your webcam site. The most popular adult content image websites are ImageFap, Gallery-Dump, InstantFap and YoloSelfie. However, check their policies and limits not to get banned for mass advertising. 

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing program is an effective promotion tool for your webcam site. People who drive traffic to your website get a commission in reward. WebVideo platform includes a built-in affiliate program with benefits for customers, studio managers and webmasters. Remember to share success stories and engage your audience to use referral programs from time to time. Typical referral commission is 5-20% but sometimes it could be worth paying more. Do some math to understand how much you can pay.

10. Model Referral Program

When you hire cam models, they can bring their previous customers from other sites to your own. Models establish personal relationships with clients through chatting and they desire to get a more private contact and intimate communication with models. As a result, they are ready to help models and move to another platform to stay in touch there. This way, models attract traffic to your website getting a higher commission than on previous sites and a bonus to their payouts for a referred customer.  

11. Competitor Research

Use a service like SimilarWeb to analyze traffic of your competitors and get ideas for your own marketing strategy. With the help of competitor analysis tools you can identify niche leaders, discover your competitors keywords and ads for paid and organic search and reveal their best promotion strategies. It could also help you analyze trends and customers behavior which will let you greatly improve your traffic flow. 

12. Live shows and events

If you are a beginner and want to increase your fan base and drive a big amount of traffic quickly, the best way is to do more live events. Do regular free scheduled live shows for a mass audience. People would love to ask questions and chat with models during live events. You can create different contests during live events and pick a random winner, who will get a free private chat or your set of photos in reward.

13. Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to attract new visitors to your website and create a lot of buzz around your business. People love free things so they will rush to enter your contest for a chance to win an awesome prize. Run a campaign and give free credits to use on the website or other presents that your audience would wish to get. After entering your giveaway, people will stick around to see what else you can offer, your models just need to attract them.

14. Interaction and Feedback

Attracting new traffic is not enough to grow your audience. You always need to interact with them. That could be your big selling point in the beginning to stay closer with your clients and keep a good relationship with them. People like when they are treated like people with their emotions and feelings, not just customers who pay money for services. Moreover, get feedback from your models to understand their pains and share good experiences with them. it will not bring new traffic to your website but would increase conversion.

15. Modelnet

Model sharing platform Modelnet provides a unique opportunity for a fast start in webcam industry. It allows its members to get hundreds of professional cam models for their website from other websites based on WebVideo. At the same time, you can get traffic by publishing your own models into other websites of Modelnet platform. For more details please visit Modelnet webcam model sharing platform.

Following these 15 strategies will help you attract free traffic to your new webcam site, grow your audience and strengthen brand identity. 

If you know any other tips on how to drive traffic to your webcam site with free promotion tools, you are welcome to share them with us. Please find our contact information here. We would love to hear how you grow your fan base and update our article with your solutions.