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How to Make a Site with Multiple Domains Based on One Video Chat Platform?

One of the good development strategies of a video chat platform is splitting it into several different websites with multiple domains. For that reason, Webvideo platform offers an opportunity to use multiple domains based on the same system and database. As a result, this way you can use separate sites for different purposes or target them for particular niches.

Above all, maintaining multiple domains can help with everything from marketing to maximizing traffic. So, in this article we want to share the most demanded use cases of websites with multiple domains.

Why You Might Need Multiple Domains

1. Separate domains for development, testing and production

The first reason why you may benefit from having a multiple domain system is splitting development and production into separate websites. In other words, if you consider building a big project with custom design and features, it is a good idea to split the one which is being developed from that which is already in production. Moreover, there can be another domain for beta testing, so you can get your users feedback for improvement and understand their needs.

2. Different domains for websites with multiple languages

Secondly, if you create separate domain names that belong to different countries, this can cause loyalty in your website’s visitors. There is a kind of SEO bonus as well, because you can use multiple domains to better target your users from different geographical locations.

For example, you may want to create a separate website in Spanish and the other one in English, so as to target a multilingual audience. Thus, you can make multiple addresses, such as and Furthermore, this gives you the freedom of creating different content and changing translations on each domain of the languages.

3. Multiple domains for Whitelabel affiliates

Affiliate marketing is an effective promotion tool for webcam sites, because it allows you to drive traffic to your website without putting much effort on advertising. With the help of a multiple domain system you can split up your webcam platform into separate sections for each affiliate. In other words, affiliates will get a commission for driving traffic to a particular domain of your website. 

4. Separate categories and niches with different addresses

One of the smartest strategies to succeed in the live cam industry is observing and trying different things around. It means that you can build a site with separate domains for each category and niche and check which is more demanded and popular. Therefore, it is easier to target specific traffic for each website. Also, for example, if your traffic is 99% straight oriented men, they most likely will be interested to see a website with only girls rather than guys. Our software allows making unlimited skins with certain performer categories assigned to that website skin and unique domain.

Above all, Webvideo platform makes it possible to run multiple domains of the same project under the same installation. If you have any questions considering Webvideo platform for your business, contact us at