how much to start webcam siteRent the Video Chat Platform Monthly or Buy the Life-time License?

If you wonder how much does it cost to make a webcam site, Webvideo platform offers different price packages which include a cheaper option for a quick start and a more profitable one in a long-term perspective. In other words, you can rent the platform monthly or purchase the license once and become a life-time owner of your own video chat site. 

Both monthly rental and life-time licenses have the following features: 

  • No limitations for the number of models and customers online
  • Website installation within 24 hours
  • SSL certificate support
  • Affiliate marketing program for promotion of your site
  • Opportunity to use multiple domain name with the same system and database
  • Integration of any payment processing system of your choice to accept payments online from customers
  • Studio managers area for studios to register and manage their models
  • Several available templates of graphic design and layout of the website 
  • Opportunity to develop a custom graphic design 
  • Integration of addons for extra monetization of your site

Webvideo Monthly Rent

Monthly rental license of Webvideo platform is an affordable option when you do not have the required sum of money for an enterprise from the start. What is more, it is a good chance to try the platform and get into webcam industry before purchasing the full license and starting your own separate project. Basically, you can have a go for only $395 a month. 

When you rent the video chat script monthly, you get all the same features but with less initial expenses. In this case, when you save some money on initial cost you can invest more into marketing, which is also an important part from the beginning.

Monthly license price includes hosting on our server and support about any technical issues on the site. It means that we provide you with bug fixes, system updates, technical help in setting and maintenance of the platform. Therefore, there are no extra charge apart from the license price itself (except for $95 one-time platform setup fee). 

Webvideo Life-time Purchase

If you are ready to start your own enterprise in live cam industry from the beginning, the best choice is to get a life-time license with all its bells and whistles. Thus, for $3995 or $4995 one-time fee (depends on whether your platform will be self-hosted or you will host it on our server) you become a life-time owner of your video chat site. 

Above all, if you consider your business in a long-term perspective, there is no doubt that the life-time license is a way more profitable solution. Taking into account the monthly rental license price and one-time platform setup fee, the life-time license is a more beneficial option starting from the 13th month of business. If we calculate your expenses on 2 years of rent, it will be almost twice as expensive as the life-time license.

The one-time purchase of the platform with hosting on your server costs $4995 and it is in your personal possession without time limitation. If you buy the life-time license with hosting on our server, it will cost you $3995, and there is a hosting fee $99/month. What is more, the first year of technical support is free for life-time license owners, and the next years will cost $495 each. However, this fee is optional. Taking all the expenses into consideration we get:

Monthly rent license Life-time license Benefit
1st year expenses $4835

$95 installation fee plus $395 monthly rent

$3995 + $1188

$99 hosting fee for 12 months

Following years expenses


$395 rental fee for 12 months


$99 hosting fee for 12 months


Contact us if you have any questions regarding monthly rent or life-time license of Webvideo platform. We are always ready to discuss your business idea and choose a suitable solution.