Pay per view


WebVideo platform supports both free and paid video chat modes. Paid chat could also be either on pay per minute or membership based. Therewith, the combination of per-minute billing and membership billing is available. There customers who have paid membership can have additional discount for per-minute video chat.

In WebVideo there is no certain currency because customer purchase credits which can be purchased with USD, EUR, British Pounds or any other currency. For example, 100 credits could cost 100 EUR, or 155 USD, or 70 Pounds. Webcam chat system can support multiple currencies as well as multiple billing at the same time. Payment for per-minute chat is made on the pre-paid basis. Customer purchases credits that could be spent with any performer.

Customer can visit one of the 4 video chats with a performer:

  • Free video chat (if allowed)
  • Private video chat. It is pay per minute chat that could be initiated by the customer. Other customers could join it too.
  • Voyeur video chat. It is available when private chat is already established between a performer and another customer. In addition, it is pay per minute chat with separate rate for each performer
  • VIP video chat. Strictly 1-to-1 pay per minute video chat.


Administrator of system can set allowed minimum and maximum rate for each paid mode. Performer can set own per minute rate in that range.

Additionally it is possible to set minimum chat price, in this case customer would be charged minimum price from the beginning of the show and could stay in the chat without being charged based on amount paid and per-minute price. Once paid time is over customer would be charged on per-minute basis. For example, if performer set a price of 5 credits per minute and minimum char price of 50 credits that means customer would be charged 50 credits in the beginning of chat and could stay in chat for 10 minutes without more payments, after 10 minutes period is over he will be charged on per-minute basis.