Who comes first: cam models or customers?

cam modelsIt is a paradox to try to determine which should come first: the chicken or the egg. The same is in webcam industry. So, when launching a new cam business, should you go into cam models hiring or driving traffic first?

First of all, to attract customers, there should be a good number of cam models online on the website. Similarly, there should be a good number of customers for models to work on the website. In other words, clients will not come to your cam site until they see the value provided by models, and live chat performers will not create that value until they see enough clients on the website.

The proverbial chicken and egg problem. How to break this impasse? Certainly, you should solve this problem from both sides and kickstart the vicious circle of models and customers.

Here are 4 pieces of advice which will help you to solve this fundamental problem of webcam business.

1. Model recruiting with advertisement

There are plenty of websites and forums where you can post an advertisement and hire models who are looking for webcam work. Above all, the most effective way is to buy a banner which is popping up on the sides of popular adult sites such as GFY.com, XBIZ.net, Wecamgirls.com etc.

However, in this case you will have to pay performers a salary in order to make them interested in the job you offer. Otherwise, if there are not many customers at the beginning and models do not get paid, they simply will not stay on your website and find another one.

2. Promoting through adult tube sites

Once you hired several models you have to drive traffic and make them work. Most noteworthy, adult tube sites get a huge amount of traffic every day. However, big adult tube sites do not sell advertisements and traffic directly. They resell them to advertising networks and traffic services such as Traffic Junky, Juicyads, and ExoClick. Hence, you can upload the video content created by your models to tube sites with the help of these services and use that to drive traffic back to your website.

Remember, it is really important to watermark the videos you upload on the tube websites. Only this way people viewing the videos will know where they can find more of your content. So, you can use watermarks with your website URL, logo or model name. As a result, people can find your site and you will get new customers.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media has the power of promotion today. Thus, with the help of social networks you can find both models and clients for your cam business. However, keep in mind that some networks are not adult friendly and ban everything that contain such content (Facebook, Instagram).

Nevertheless, you can feel free to post on Twitter and use it for adult cam site promotion. There you can share your images, gifs, video clips along with your website links and popular hashtags.

4. Joining the Model Sharing Platform – ModelNet

ModelNet is a model sharing platform that allows you to get hundreds of professional cam models for your new website. You can also feature your own models on other partner sites and earn money for it. By featuring your models on other partner sites, they are able to generate sales while building up traffic and members on your site.

ModelNet solves the Chicken and Egg Problem of cam business the best way. It helps you to find solutions for the both sides of “How do I get models when I don’t have customers,” as well as “How do I get customers when I have no models”.

There are many members of ModelNet who have already solved this problem and successfully run their cam sites. Having their own cam models, they are ready to share them with other members earning commission in reward. Also, those members of ModelNet who have traffic on their websites, but do not have their own models, can simply place cam girls from ModelNet on their sites and start earning money on their shows.

For that reason, ModelNet makes it possible to start cam business quickly without insanely large marketing expenses just to gain attention and traffic.

Follow the link to learn more about ModelNet system and get numerous performers for your own cam site from model sharing platform.

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