How to choose the best software to run your own adult webcam site?

There are many offers available in the market and we want to point out the most important checklist.

1.Check examples based on that software. Check out websites based on software you are going to buy, this is very important to see live example based on it because any software or script can contain bugs. Only those companies which were able to test their software under real usage are experienced. Adult webcam software is a pretty complicated system which combines together models, customers, webmasters, studio managers and administrator/owner of the websites. Only real users are able to test it on real webcam sites. 

  1. Get it working on mobile devices. If you are planning to make a new webcam site you should be ready for competition with other websites.
  2. Test it as model, as customer, as studio manager, webmaster and admin. If you are going into adult webcam business you already know how it works and understand what to check. Imagine you are a model and check if your interface is easy to use. Make sure it is clean from each user type how system works, where funds come from, how to pay out earnings. 
  3. Transactions. Pay attention to the financial part of script. It is very important for administrator of the system to be able to make cancelation of chat session and refund of money paid by customer. It should be possible to add credits/tokens into any account or remove them, you might need to be able to do partial refund and cancelation. Check if software supports payment method of your choice and billing. 
  4. Multi-language. Market is getting global and worldwide – your website’s interface should be in different languages. Don’t trust automated online translators. 
  5. SEO friendly. Users and models are your income, it is important to keep website optimized for user search engines with properly formatted URLs and content on the pages