Scaling video chat with Webvideo live streaming software

With live video streaming a positive user experience is highly correlated with high load performance. That is why, it is critical for the video streaming software to be highly scalable. In other words, your platform must be able to instantly deliver live video from a broadcaster to users, no matter how many of them are simultaneously on the stream.

To understand the capacity limits of Webvideo platform and make sure we can offer a high quality product, we decided to load-test our video streaming technology. We tried scaling video chat business to test how much traffic it could hanlde

Webvideo software consists of 3 main parts: 

  1. Java Web-server Application – the system responsible for the work of the platform in general.
  2. WebRTC Streaming Server – a web server that delivers life video from the broadcaster to the end user.
  3. MySQL database – technology used for delivery and storage of system data.

In our load test experiment we have considered tests of web-server (1) and streaming server (2) since we have never noticed any problem with database performance.

scaling video chat

We have managed to load a website with 3,000 users online with distributed video load on 5 servers. The system was working stable with 200 concurrent users joining per second.

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